If your bike wheel received less treatment, at least two parts affected. Want to know! If not, broken wheel bearing, and developing uneven tire out. "Kibat the wheels are not perfect anymore," said Didit Fahruzi, specialist alloy wheels set in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.

According Didit, meaning broken wheel is a part of the oval and not straight speleng alias (center) with the drum, while the fingers of course, he continued, there are several kinds. The radius of iron, aluminum, and bar models (racing wheel), all different ways of handling.

If the radius of the plant innate (default), simply reset the strength. Another thing if it is a number 8 in the accident, should be replaced. As for the radius of aluminum is more dense and rigid than steel, so fasten it to be strong.

Another with a racing wheel (cast wheel). There are two categories, innate and the variation of the plant. Congenital motor, according to Didit, more loudly, while the softer variations.

Not straight racing wheel rim lip defect due and there is a hooked pole. To make it right, Didit said, his shop did not use a tool, but manually, ie use diketok with wooden beams.

If a severe breakdown and hard alloy materials, before the knock, first heated sufficiently. Shipping Didit, heating using LPG gas fire. Heat stable and a small fire evenly.

Please note, for the racing wheel, when it is repaired, the result can not come back 100 percent perfect.