Honda CB 100

Old motor is now the telly. Besides the cheap price is also good because it can create a modified engine components dicangkokan generation HONDA like GL 100, GL PRO, TIGER can swallow other components of the motor semisan SHOCK Home RX-KING etc..
Dipenghujung 2000's motor is only appreciated about 300 Thousand, and up to 700 thousand, 2 years ago and is still about 1 million, and in this price again melejit nearly 1.8 million. Fantastic .... that all the blessings RADIO modifikator which makes motor CB this as a basis MOTOR modifications. But for the modifications SPEED alias or LARI Trail CC for a small, it must not qualified in the use derris UP TIGER piston. Cost of dikeluarkanpun so inflated. Advice for the CB modif would better capture the basis of Level 1 or 2 over like GL 100, jill GL PRO dimodifnya more comfortable because the engine is more easy and low modified.