Honda Blade

Honda Blade, Release..

After release it is new bicycles type of sport with the lamp before asymmetrical, tiger Revo 08, Honda from Honda will release it is new alternative of 2008 animals (November 4), called blade of Honda tomorrow. In Thailand, it is variable already launched July spent, called Honda CZ1. As is to him the old type, Honda X supra 125, it also comprised with the technology of PGM fi. PGM fi is the technology of Honda which allows it is driving turning on the low fuel consumtion but to have completely high efficiency.

The technology of PGM fi iscontrolled using ECU (electronic case of order) which functions silmuntantenously with other technology such as the fuel injecto, the fuel pum, and the valve with vacuum of air control. Another new thing found on this bicycle can be the design of lamp of will thefront which is not assembled on top is handle, but on top is body. Do people want like? time will prove!

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The Blade is Coming, Without PGM-FI (1), Honda Beat (30)