Honda NSR250R, how is the MotoGP replica. Honda NSR series designed by Honda Racing Corp.. (HRC) for MotoGP racing or for street legal MotoGP replica. At the very zamannya Honda NSR250 behavior in Japan and other Asian countries. Until even now, even if it is not produced anymore, pecintanya still there and still racing parts also available, although in a limited number of ...: D

Honda NSR 250 divided into multiple versions, namely:

1. MC16, the Honda NSR 250 output in 1987
2. MC18, the output Honda NSR 250 years 1988 - 1989
3. MC21, the output Honda NSR 250 years 1990 - 1993
4. MC28, the output Honda NSR 250 years 1994 - 1999

Honda NSR 250R (MC16)

Honda NSR 250R (also called type NSR250R G) using MC16E engine, 249cc, liquid cooled, 2 stroke, 90 degrees, 2 cylinders V-Twin. Compression rationya low enough that is 6.1:1, so that power generated in the 45Hp reach 9500RPM. Torsi produced reached a maximum of 3.6 kg-m at 8500 RPM. Framenya using aluminum tube type frame. Carburatornya use TA10A, the system pengapiannya already using CDI. Using the starter kick starter. Tranmisinya 6 acceleration, and koplingnya use wet type. Using the front tire size 100/80-17, while the size 130/70-18 rear. Using the front brake double disc with 2 piston calipers, while using a single rear disc with 1 piston caliper. Motor tank capacity is 16 liters and the weight kosongnya reach 125 kg.

Honda NSR 250R (MC18)

Honda NSR 250R (MC18) consists of 2 variants, variants first R2J (Standard model) and both variants R4J (Sport Production) Rothmanns Color. Still using MC16E engine. However, a different type carburatornya the TA20A, Compression Ratio produced slightly different, namely 7.3:1. Size banpun slightly different, namely to use a 110/70-17 front and 140/60-18 for rear. The rest is the same as the NSR205R MC16.

Honda NSR250R (MC21)

Specifications NSR250R (MC21) is relatively similar to the MC18. MC21 has been using PGMIII ECU taken from the Honda RC30, including the legend. Swing arm how it copied from the RS250 Luca Cadalora. At the time, this Honda NSR 250, became the best selling Sport Bike in Japan. Slightly different, the tires used are different from the previous variants, namely for the 110/70-17 front and 150/60-17 for rear.

Honda NSR 250R (MC28)

NSR250R Honda MC28 variants, was first marketed in late 1993. That distinguish the pro-arm rear swingarm. How pro-arm is designed for Honda RC30, but also implemented in the MC28. And the motor is the first time nerapin PGMIV that can be activated through the 'smart card', ie a tool used to mengimprove engine management. 1996 type R is not produced anymore, just type the SP still produced. SP type of production is only 1000 units, and be painted with Repsol Edition, to remind Mick Doohan won the World Championship GP.

In general, tuning is done to mount NSR250 this is as follows:

* Ignition Tuning
* Exhaust Tuning
* Carburator Tuning
* Engine Tuning