Honda Supra X 125 PGM - FI

What's new motor Honda Supra X-125 type PGM-FI?

Perhaps this motor seems to have not been favored by the market if Indonesia other than the motor output of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM)?

If so, whether this motornya because the price of Rp.16, 100,000 is not affordable? Or because the performance of the motor is less? Is information about the technology PGM-FI system is not yet understood by our society? Or, as the strong sales of motor?

Entahlah. I know about the system PGM-FI system is the motor fuel that is used in electronic control technology, which is able to supply fuel and air are needed by the optimum engine on each vehicle. Please, if this correction is wrong.

Information from the existing literature, it is said, if Honda is a pioneer in the application of the PGM-Fl system motorcycle in Indonesia, and this system has been applied on the type of Honda motor keluaraan PT AHM, namely Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-FI.

Other information cited Honda's technology is titled "The newly developed PGM-FI (electronic fuel injection) system for small motorcycles" as explained below:

supra-x-125-pgm-fi1The development of an ECU-integrated throttle body module for an electronic fuel injection system for small motorcycles

Honda has a goal to reduce the total Emissions of HC (hydro-carbon) from new vehicles to approximately 1 / 3 and to further improve the average fuel economy by approximately 30% (both from 1995) by the year 2005. To realize the goal, we at Asaka R & D Center considered that the small motorcycles used in many countries in the world should be improved further for clean exhaust gas and low fuel consumption. Accordingly, we have started development of the PGM-FI system for small motorcycles with engines of 125cc or smaller, including water-cooled engines.

Ensure to clean exhaust gas and high fuel economy, the control of combustion through an accurate fuel supply is a must. As the conventional FI system (electronic fuel injection system) applied to motorcycles is bulky and costly, its application has been mostly in large motorcycles using a multi-cylinder engines. In the newly developed PGM-FI, in order to apply to small displacement models, the Obstacles have been fully eliminated by using Honda \ 's techniques to down-size components as well as making maximum use of FI techniques attained from the large motorcycles . The compact PGM-FI offers new benefits such as the reduction of environmentally detrimental Substances released, and the improvement of driveablity, economy, etc.

PGM-FI is a registered trademark of Honda Motor Co.., Ltd..

Applications PGM-FI in Honda Motor

Based on the information, if PGM-FI in implementing the Honda motor, the motor will have a friendly environment peforma high economical fuel but does not reduce motor performance, because the comparison between the supply of fuel and air in the ignition and control through electronic sensors .

At its core motorcycle-Honda Supra X 125 PGM-FI be more comfortable from the other motor, it will be biker-riding sensation to get a fun, safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and fuel sparingly. That is some of that will get in if the motor has a PGM-FI technology.

More than 3 systems have a very prominent effect when dam PGM-FI technology applied, namely:

1. Fuel System: The fuel pump will be tasked stream of gas from tank to injektor completely.
2. Air induction system: The amount of air that dihisap into the cylinder through a sensor can be measured kevakumannya as the benchmark amount of petrol akan diinjeksikan.
3. PGM-FI system provides advantages, namely to reduce waste gas emissions, more sparing in the use of fuel, to provide more responsive towing motor, engine with easy start-up in any conditions (cold weather mountain though), idle is not affected in the height of an area (mountain), and provide facilities in the treatment regularly.

honda-rcv-motogpSejarah Honda Technology

Actual manufacturer Honda has developed technology Fuel Injection more than 20 years. In 1982 Honda introduced the first model Honda cx-500 TURBO is the first motorcycle in the world to use the Fuel Injection technology. Honda Motor Model cx-500 Turbo can be a motorcycle that has a better acceleration than the model CB-900F, and this is because of fuel efficiency that is better than the CX500 model into a platform from Honda cx-500 TURBO

Starting in 1993, Honda began to try new technology for motor balapnya the prestigious category in the GP500 with Fuel Injection technology. Later in the motor Honda MotoGP class of the type known RC211V able to produce the extraordinary power which is controlled by PGM-FI technology. This shows that the performance of the PGM-FI extraordinary can be applied to the motor racing.

supra-x-125-pgm-fi_11Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-FI

This is the Honda motor are the first and only one injection motor that has been in use teknlogi PGM-FI.

Motor Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-FI has a stylish design with a combination of casual, attractive and make it appear more luxurious front. If you are to weigh you want to buy motor of the future, have the latest technology, and may be environmentally friendly Honda motor is you can be a consideration. Options on the motor in the end is your own.

When the author took the "Open House AHM Get Insight With Blogger" in February that set, too bad this does not follow motor are presented in the session Riding Test. Thus, the authors can not directly feel the difference and how its performance. Hopefully there is a special invitation from the PT AHM to do test-riding Honda Supra X 125 R PGM-FI. Ngarep mode set-on .. :-)


Dimensions and weight

• Length x width: 1889 x 702 x 1094 mm

• steering wheel distance: 1,242 mm

• Distance lowest to the ground: 136 mm

• Weight empty: 107 Kg


• Type of order: dislocated spine

• Type Suspensi depan: Teleskopik

• Type Suspensi rear: swing arm and shock reducer ganda

• front tire size: 70/90 - 17 38P

• rear tire size: 80/90 -17 44P

• Rem front: hydraulic disc with piston ganda

• Rem background: Cakram hydraulic piston with a single


• floatation tank Fuel Capacity: 3.7 liter

• capacity oil lubricants engine: 0.7 liter in the periodic replacement of

• Optical transmission: 4 speed rotari / mesh remain

• Pattern transfer gear: N-1-2-3-4-N


• Fuel System: Fuel Injection (PGM-Fi)

• Type of engine: 4 step, SOHC, air-conditioned

• Diameter x steps: 52.4 x 57.9

• Volume step: 124.8 cc

• Comparison of compression: 9,0:1

• Maximum Power: 9.18 PS / 7,500 rpm

• Torsi maximum: 0.99 kgf.m/5.000 rpm

• clutch: Double, automatic, centrifugal, wet type

• Starter: Pedal and electric

• plug: ND U20Epr9 / NGK CPR6EA-9


• Aki / battery: MF 12 V -3.5 Ah

• System ignition: transistorized fill

RATES: Rp.16, 100,000 OTR Banten (per 31 March 2009)

Honda Supra X 125 PGM - FI